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The Page Builder visual design and development workspace is the focal point for building Desktop, Web and Mobile Apps in the Lianja App Builder.

Designed to maximize developer productivity and agile development, the Page Builder is a drag and drop visual programming tool that has the unique ability to reflect a live UI as you develop an App. It has integral support for Live Preview of Desktop Apps and a one-click Preview in browser for Web and Mobile Apps.

Quick Start Guide

Select the "Pages" workspace.
Select "Data" in the App Inspector.
Drag a table onto the page to create a Form Section.
Shift+Drag a table onto the page to create a Grid section.
Customize its appearance by editing "Attributes" in its Attributes Tab.
Customize its behavior by editing "Custom Delegates" in its "Attributes" Tab.

Page Builder in the Lianja App Builder

Pro Tip

The Form Tools at the bottom of the page has icons to help you visually design the page .
Clicking an icon displays a popup menu.
Move the mouse to the top of the popup menu and click within the top border.
The popup menu will be detached into its own floating window on top of the designer.

Getting Started

See Getting Started for documents and videos on getting started with the Page Builder.

Video Tutorials

See Video Tutorials for more videos.


See Attributes for information on the attributes and custom delegates of the visual components that make up a Lianja App:

For more on Pages, Sections and Formitems (Gadgets, Fields and Advanced Canvas Controls) see their individual subcategories.


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