Fast Track Apps

Lianja Fast Track Apps provide you with the outline of an App as a working proof-of-concept (POC). Your time is important and because we realize this, we highly recommend having a Lianja consultant build the first few pages of your App, then have a one-on-one training session (which can be conducted remotely using GotoMeeting) in which we walk you through the way the App was built and use the prototype as training material focussed on your exact App requirements.

When your Fast Track App is completed, we hand over the App and all its source code to you. At this point you can extend the App to further meet your requirements or have us further develop the App from a prototype to a fully working and deployed App within your company.

There is no better way to learn Lianja than to go through an example of exactly what you want to build constructed according to Lianja best practices.

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