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Save a Section as a template so that it can be loaded into another Page and used as a template while visually designing your App.

Save As Section Template

Make sure the Section you want to save is selected in the Page Builder - it will be displayed with a blue border. Select Save As Section Template from the Section menu in the App Builder MenuBar. When prompted, enter a name for the template. If you enter the name of an existing template, it will be overwritten.

Save As Section Template


Note that the name attribute of the Section will be saved to the template - here 'section1'. Section names must be unique within a Page, so you may want to change the name of the Section before saving it as a template to avoid conflicts when the template is used.

Loading a Section Template

From the Form Tools, select Sections then Templates then the name of the template.

Loading a Section Template

This will create a new Section on the current Page based on the selected template. Subsequent changes made to the Section do not affect the original template.

New Section Based on Template

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