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Lianja™ Overview

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Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company provides the following definition for Application Platform as a Service (APaaS):

Highly productive, easy to learn and use development environment that delivers business applications that are customizable, changeable, capable of implementing serious business functionality and, when deployed, offered with massive scalability, high-end enterprise-class (and beyond) performance and reliability, supporting massive amounts of data, all at SMB prices. 

and that is what Lianja offers in a nutshell.

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Lianja is a data-centric Apps platform (APaaS) for businesses of all sizes that lets them focus on developing and deploying Line of business (LOB) Apps without the need to invest in lengthy application development times and an expensive IT infrastructure.

Lianja is fully supported around the clock by a team of skilled IT professionals with extensive experience in developing, deploying and supporting mission-critical enterprise applications to companies worldwide. 

Lianja is simple to install, easy to administer, and can run on everything from single desktop/laptop computers to load balanced, high availability (HA), fault tolerant clustered servers. 

We strongly believe that there is no faster way to develop and deploy Desktop, Cloud and Mobile Apps than with Lianja, and our goal is to continue innovating and provide you with the best possible product available on the market at sensible prices. Whether you are a small development shop, an SME or a large organization, Lianja has been designed and developed to help you build Apps in a fraction of the time of our competitors, and scale these up as your business requirements dictate.

If you want to see how easy it is to build Apps in Lianja take a few minutes and watch the Lianja video tutorials.


The five pillars of Lianja are:

  • Lianja App Builder
  • Lianja SQL Server
  • Lianja Cloud Server
  • Lianja App Center
  • Lianja Apps Cloud

Lianja App Builder™

The Lianja App Builder helps you solve specific business needs by enabling you to quickly create professional-quality business applications regardless of your development skills on Windows, Linux and Mac then deploy them on desktop, web and mobile devices.

For non-programmers, Lianja App Builder provides an easy-to-understand development methodology that will enable them to produce quality business applications without the need to write any programming code at all.

For the professional software developer, Lianja App Builder is a flexible cross-platform development tool that supports multiple programming languages. To build applications in Lianja App Builder, developers can use their existing programming language expertise in Visual FoxPro, JavaScript, PHP and Python.

Developers use the Lianja App Builder to develop, publish and share applications with end-users. These applications can be deployed as local desktop applications across a LAN or published in the cloud and shared globally across internet connected devices. The Lianja App Builder provides many pre-built templates to minimize the time required to complete the development of an application.

Take advantage of the innovative development environment provided by the Lianja App Builder to prototype and iteratively refine your applications quickly and easily, allowing you to leverage your application domain knowledge and reach new customers in record time without getting bogged down with steep technology learning curves.

Focus on delivering services and value to your customers and end-users. Lianja App Builder is the fastest route to develop and deploy desktop and cloud applications.

Utilize your existing skills in familiar languages such as Visual FoxPro, JavaScript, Python and PHP to create and deploy desktop, web and mobile applications.

Lianja App Builder at a glance:

  • Easy-to-use database oriented development and runtime environment for both non-programmers and professional developers
  • Revolutionary and powerful IDE for building and deploying complete Apps for Desktop, Cloud and Mobile
  • Develop hybrid desktop HTML5 Apps with cross-platform HTML5 wrapped in a native container
  • Includes an embedded 64-bit native, multi-user, ACID compliant database for business critical applications (on both 32 and 64-bit systems)
  • Connect and work with industry standard SQL data sources such as MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others
  • Customize your applications using LianjaScript/VFP (Native cross platform Visual FoxPro compatible scripting language), JavaScript, PHP and/or Python
  • Includes LianjaScript/VFP, an embedded cross-platform implementation of Visual FoxPro
  • Has LianjaScript/VFP (Visual FoxPro compatible), JavaScript, PHP and Python scripting engines embedded in it, no need to install these separately
  • Includes a complete UI-independent application framework (Visual FoxPro 9.0 compatible) which can be used by all supported languages (Lianja/VFP, JavaScript, PHP and Python)
  • Advanced data binding for all UI elements including Grids and WebViews for mashing up web content to produce hybrid desktop/cloud Apps
  • Develop on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Deploy on Desktop, Web and Mobile devices
  • Unlimited Desktop Apps Distribution

Lianja SQL Server™

The Lianja SQL Server is a SQL database server that provides data storage and SQL services so businesses can access their data from anywhere; Desktop, Browser, and Mobile devices. Using the Lianja SQL Server you can host groups of users over a network or in the cloud. It's fast, reliable, easy-to-install and easy-to-manage.

  • SQL Data Access Services
  • Data source independent
  • Provides ODBC remote data access
  • Cross platform; Windows Server and Linux
  • High performance featuring lightning fast SMARTQUERY engine with a cost-based SQL query optimizer that can use "filtered indexes"
  • Small memory footprint
  • Cluster/replication enabled with built in automatic failover (linux only)
  • Write stored procedures in a Visual FoxPro compatible scripting language on all supported platforms
  • Huge table support using full 64-bit databases on all platforms (including 32-bit ones)
  • Platform independent data format; Windows Server and Linux
  • Built-in Data Dictionary to handle business rules; Validation, Permissions, Calculated fields etc
  • Chronological Data Versioning (Timelines) and audit trails to satisfy regulatory requirements
  • Easy to install and administer
  • Unlimited Desktop Apps Distribution as part of the Lianja ISV Subscription

Lianja Cloud Server™

The Lianja Cloud Server is a flexible cloud database Apps Server that enables you to deploy and manage data centric Apps in the Cloud on either Linux or Windows. You build Apps using the Lianja App Builder then publish them into the Lianja Cloud. The Lianja Cloud comes as two offerings:

  • Lianja Hosted Cloud on AWS.
  • Lianja Private Cloud that can be installed and managed in an existing IT infrastructure.

Once published, Lianja Cloud Apps can be run in a web browser using the Lianja Web Client packaged up as PhoneGap Apps on mobile devices.

Lianja Cloud Server at a glance:

  • Lightning fast performance with a small memory footprint
  • Highly scaleable written in C/C++
  • Includes Lianja SQL Server, a high performance SQL database with huge table support
  • Simple easy-to-use OData compatible RESTful API
  • Supports a native JSON data type with full CRUD operations using standard SQL commands 
  • WebSockets support
  • Native cross-platform Lianja/VFP (Visual FoxPro) Server Pages (.rsp pages)
  • JavaScript Server Pages (.jssp pages)
  • Data source independent SQL data access to MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle and others using Lianja Virtual Tables
  • Can be installed in an existing IT infrastructure on Linux or Windows Server
  • User permissions and roles handled automatically
  • Can be load balanced across multiple server instances
  • Can be configured with real-time data replication and automatic failover on database server failure (linux servers only)
  • High performance and scaleable architecture using best of breed technologies
  • Cross platform; Windows Server and Linux x86 and x64.
  • Provides Lianja Web Client and Lianja Mobile Client for zero-install App deployment
  • Easy to install and administer
  • Unlimited Desktop Apps Distribution as part of the Lianja ISV Subscription

Lianja App Center™

The Lianja App Center securely connects your users with your Lianja Apps on the desktop, web or mobile devices. The App Center provides a common focal point where end users can select and launch Apps that have been published and that they have permission to run.

Lianja App Center at a glance:

  • A common focal point where published company Apps are made available to end users
  • Only Apps that an authenticated user has permission to launch are available
  • Permissions can be established right down to the field level within a page of an App
  • Provides secure App provisioning within an enterprise for users launching Apps from the desktop, web and mobile devices
  • Fully customizable to provide corporate branding
  • Secure centralized App deployment
  • Modern web 2.0 style UI on all devices
  • UI independent; Desktop, Web, and Mobile.
  • Apps can wrap existing legacy web Apps with complete permissions based user roles providing the ability to integrate existing corporate Web Apps
  • Unlimited Desktop Apps Distribution as part of the Lianja ISV Subscription or when you purchase a Lianja App Builder Professional Edition license

Lianja Apps Cloud™

Visit for full details.

Lianja Apps Cloud is hosted in Amazon AWS.

The Lianja App Center is the focal point for accessing Lianja Cloud Apps securely over the Internet.

Lianja Apps Cloud is paid for on a monthly subscription basis. Compared to traditional "on-premise" systems, with their associated high capital, renewal and ongoing IT management costs, Lianja Apps Cloud is much cheaper in both the short and longer term.

Using the Lianja App Builder you develop and test your Apps offline then publish them into the Lianja Apps Cloud sharing your Apps and their associated data securely with others in your company, business or Team.