Lianja Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who Are Lianja Inc.?

Lianja Inc. is a software company with offices in Middleton, Massachusetts, USA and Bracknell, Berkshire, UK.

What is the Lianja Mission?

The Lianja mission is to simplify and enable the development, deployment and sharing of business Apps and Data on premises, in any Cloud, on any platform and on any mobile device. In a nutshell we aim to:

  • Dramatically increase developer productivity
  • Get back to the basics of building software Apps without the complexity that current software development tools have evolved into
  • Make the building of Line of Business Apps (LOB) simple, straightforward, and enjoyable
  • Leverage existing skillsets to minimise retraining of IT staff
  • Use open industry standards and best-of-breed technologies wherever possible
  • Simplify private cloud deployment to enable businesses of all sizes to share Data and Apps with others in their company, business or team
  • Allow developers to delegate simple changes to business end users with expert domain knowledge

What products does Lianja sell?

Lianja is a data-centric Apps platform (APaaS) for businesses of all sizes that lets them focus on developing and deploying Line of business (LOB) Apps without the need to invest in lengthy application development times and an expensive IT infrastructure.

The five pillars of Lianja are:

  • Lianja App Builder
  • Lianja SQL Server
  • Lianja App Center
  • Lianja Cloud Server
  • Lianja Apps Cloud

What Operating Systems is Lianja available for?

  • Microsoft Windows (Windows 7 and above, including Windows 10, and Windows 11)
  • macOS (Big Sur and above)
  • Linux x64 (Redhat, Ubuntu etc) running KDE or Gnome desktops. The Lianja Cloud Server can operate headless with no UI.

Who are the target customers for Lianja? 

Lianja focuses on three markets.

  • Developers who want to build data-centric hybrid desktop/HTML5 Apps, Cloud Apps and Mobile Apps.
  • OEM/ISVs around the globe who want to provide Apps for the Desktop, Cloud and Mobile.
  • Enterprise developers who need to develop and deploy Apps for the Desktop, Cloud and Mobile. 

Why choose Lianja?

Lianja is a community driven development project. Ask any of the 10000's who have purchased Lianja or have been following Lianja development closely how quickly we respond to enhancement requests and product features. Companies should choose Lianja because of our high developer productivity, flexible deployment, low TCO, and strong partner and developer community. Most of all, you should choose Lianja because we listen to the needs and requirements of developers and enterprise customers and deliver on our promise. You can count on us!

What Scripting Languages does Lianja Support?

Lianja provides extensive support for Visual FoxPro, Python, PHP, TypeScript and JavaScript. Each of these scripting languages is a "first class citizen" in Lianja.

What Databases does Lianja Support?

Lianja has its own 64-bit embedded high-performance database built in. Its also supports seamless data access to MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL or other ODBC data sources.

I think I found a bug in Lianja. What should I do?

The Developer Community Forums are the place to discuss issues, and when we determine that there is a bug we will ask you to submit a ticket. This way you can see what other developers are discussing as well. 

What are my options for support?

Lianja offers premium support, training and consulting services, including fast-track App development or migration of an existing application. Contact us for details.

I need a feature or enhancement added to Lianja. How do I request this?

The normal route is to submit an Enhancement Request (ER) as a ticket. If there is something more urgent that will help you meet your project deadline or save you a lot of time and effort Sponsored Features are what you need.

We are an Application/ISV. How can Lianja help us?

Lianja is the perfect product for Application/ISVs with a limited budget. In the current economic climate we are very aware that every $ spent is important to ISVs whether they be small or large and thats why we have a comprehensize and cost-effective ISV program to help you maximize the potential revenue from your hard work.

Do I need to learn a new scripting language to build Apps in Lianja?

Absolutely not! Lianja lets you leverage your existing expertise in Visual FoxPro, Python, PHP and/or JavaScript and build Apps in record time. And we mean record time. In many cases you can build and deploy an App in less than a day. If you don't believe us then download the product and see how easy it is to build a modern App that will be the envy of your co-workers and competitors.

Do I need to to develop my Apps on Microsoft Windows?

No. Lianja App Builder runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. The Apps and data can be copied between each of these platforms and will run with no changes or data conversion required.

Microsoft no longer supports Visual FoxPro how does this affect Lianja? 

This has no effect on Lianja at all as it includes its own native cross-platform implementation of the Visual FoxPro database and scripting language with a full 64-bit database embedded within it. The base Visual FoxPro scripting language has been extensively extended with a more modern UI and many additional classes, commands and functions that should have really been in Visual FoxPro 10 -- all cross-platform on Windows, Mac and Linux. Lianja has complete support for other scripting languages also and these can all seamlessly interact with each other. For example it's simple to call PHP, Python or JavaScript functions from Visual FoxPro and that works both ways calling Visual FoxPro code from PHP, Python or JavaScript.

Does Lianja support ActiveX components on Microsoft Windows? 

Yes. Lianja has full support for ActiveX on Microsoft Windows.

How do I import Visual FoxPro projects and databases into Lianja?

Full details can be found here.

Can Lianja integrate existing web content into an App?

Yes. Existing web content can be integrated and embedded into a Lianja App using the WebView section. Lianja takes care of the security restrictions in browsers (and Mobile devices) caused by the "Same Origin Policy" restriction by proxying all web requests through the Lianja Cloud Server.

Does the Lianja Cloud Server handle multiple tenants?

Yes. The Lianja Cloud Server handles both load balancing and multi-tenant App and Data access. Each authenticated user belongs to a tenancy which sandboxes them into their own secure area. 

How does Lianja handle multiple UI personalities?

Lianja is unique in that each App that you build can have roles and permissions assigned to the App, each page in the App, each section in a page, and each field in a section. What this means is that one App can behave differently depending upon the user that has authenticated and is running it. For example, certain UI pages of your App can be restricted to users with a "Manager" role. These roles and permissions are assigned to the users that you setup as having access to your App. Additionally, pages and/or sections can be rendered in your App based on the type of device the user is accessing the App from. e.g. Only allow read-access to data from mobile devices. Lianja is a complete end-to-end aPaaS (App Platform As a Service) so it includes App and User management facilities built into the App Builder.

This all sounds interesting so how much does Lianja cost?

Pricing details can be found on the Lianja Pricing page.

Do you have any further questions?

If you have any questions not covered on this FAQ then contact us and ask us, we will be pleased to help you.