Lianja SQL Server

The Lianja SQL Server is a SQL database server that provides data storage and SQL services so businesses can access their data from anywhere; Desktop, Browser and Mobile devices.

Using the Lianja SQL Server you can host groups of users over a network or in the cloud. It's fast, reliable, easy-to-install and easy-to-manage.








  Lianja SQL  

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SQL footprint sync
  • ODBC  SQL Data Access Service.
  • Fast and reliable with a small footprint
  • Easy to install and Administer
performance audit largeFiles
  • High concurrent throughput incorporating row level locking
  • Chronological Data Versioning and audit trails to satisfy regulatory requirements
  • Very large file support for the most demanding storage requirements
doc_storage redundancy load-balancer
  • Supports storage of documents, images, video and other binary content
  • Supports "Hot backup" and off-site replication
  • Cluster ready, highly scalable, with self-healing indexes
dollar_sign searchicon fox_large
  • Cost-based query optimization using indexes
  • Incorporates SmartQuery™ technology with intelligent query caching
  • Write stored procedures in Visual FoxPro compatible scripting
SQLplus OdbcJdbc cloud_plat
  • Many productivity extensions to standard SQL e.g. SELECT data and save as XML, JSON, HTML in one statement
  • Provides drivers for ODBC data access
  • Available for Windows Server and Linux
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