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Note: property, method and event names should be referred to in lowercase in case-sensitive scripting languages.


Shown below in a standalone Form. Click the image to see in a Custom Section in a Lianja Page.


Creates a scrollable container.

A ScrollPanel is a container object that contains a large Container or Image UIcontrol. Scroll bars are visible if the UIcontrol embedded in it is bigger than the ScrollPanel itself.


This class supports the Common Properties plus the following:

Property Access (R/RW) Value Description
KineticScrolling RW Boolean Whether kinetic scrolling is enabled, default is False. With kinetic scrolling, the user can flick in a given direction and it will continue to scroll in this direction until it is stopped either by the user or by friction. Setting KineticScrolling to true provides touch scrolling on touch aware devices and left mouse button pressed and moved scrolling on non-touch aware devices.


This class supports the Common Methods plus the following:

Method Args Description
AddObject existing as Object | newobject as Character, class as Character Add an existing object or a new object, in which case the object's class must also be specified
EnsureVisible x as Numeric, y as Numeric Scroll if required to ensure that the specified position is visible
Removeobject existing as Object Remove the specified object
ScrollBy xpixels as Numeric, ypixels as Numeric Scroll by the specified number of pixels
ScrollTo x as Numeric, y as Numeric Scroll to the specified position


This class supports the Common Events.