Lianja App Builder

Lianja App Builder makes it easy to quickly create professional-quality low-code business Apps for Desktop, Web and Mobile devices on Windows, Linux and MacOS using NoCode, LianjaScript/VFP, Python, PHP, and JavaScript. 

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What can end users do with Lianja?

  • Visually build stunning Desktop, Cloud and Mobile database Apps on Windows, macOS or Linux with no programming knowledge required. Lianja is an easy-to-use high productivity NoCode™ App Builder for end users and business domain knowledge workers.
  • BYOA (Build Your Own Apps). Build database Forms, Reports, Charts and much more without coding.

What can professional Visual FoxPro, PHP, Python or JavaScript developers do with Lianja?

  • Visually build and customize beautiful Desktop, Web and Mobile database Apps with a modern UI using your favorite scripting language of choice; LianjaScript/VFP (Visual FoxPro compatible), PHP, Python or JavaScript. Develop once and make your Apps available on Windows, macOS and Linux.
  • Give your legacy Visual FoxPro Apps a new lease of life and migrate them to other operating systems, the cloud and mobile devices.
  • Develop using a modern and fully supported product with no operating system lock-in.

Lianja App Builder

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The App Builder can produce stunning database business Apps limited only by your imagination

But that's not all. The Lianja App Builder is part of the Lianja APaaS (Application Platform As A Service). This is a complete end-to-end solution for developing and deploying Desktop, Web and Mobile Apps. Windows, Linux, Mac? You choose the operating system that you are most familiar with. 

Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company provides the following definition for Application Platform as a Service (APaaS):

Highly productive, easy to learn and use development environment that delivers business applications that are customizable, changeable, capable
of implementing serious business functionality and, when deployed, offered with massive scalability, high-end enterprise-class (and beyond) performance and reliability, supporting massive amounts of data, all at SMB prices. 

plat new_editions sync
  • Develop on Windows, macOS and Linux. Deploy on Desktop, Web and Mobile devices. Move Apps and Data between platforms with no changes required.
  • Fully extensible easy-to-use data-centric development and runtime environment for both non-programmers and professional developers.
  • Multi-user high performance embedded database with built-in data synchronization capabilities for working with mobile data offline.
scripts_small_v2 fox_large dbs
  • Customize your Apps using Visual FoxPro, JavaScript, PHP and Python which are seamlessly embedded. No separate installation required.
  • Embedded cross-platform implementation of Visual FoxPro including all its base UI classes with many modern extensions. Lianja is what Visual FoxPro 10 should have been.
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  • Run Apps in full screen "kiosk" mode ideal for POS systems, banking systems, Information Kiosks and TV set-top boxes
  • Permissions and Role based access to Apps, pages and sections based on user authentication. Optionally DES3 encrypt your data for bulletproof security.
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  • Embed web content and services into your Lianja App leveraging social media content from Facebook, twitter and others
  • Open web standards, such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript with Webkit fully integrated as a customizable component