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Lianja Cloud Server supports OData-compatible data access. The Server handles ODBC connections as well as HTTP requests using OData URIs. You can use the Lianja Cloud Server with OData URIs that will allow you to perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations on native Lianja data or any third party SQL databases using Virtual Tables.

Making OData requests from jQuery and/or the Lianja HTML5 Client in a Web App is extremely straightforward and simple.

Unlike other OData implementations, Lianja Cloud Server OData services does not require any server-side configuration of web services.

Pro Tip

You can use OData with disparate SQL databases using Virtual Tables

See Also

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Lianja Cloud Server Settings

Linux and macOS

The following environment variables should be set to true for Lianja Cloud Server to enable the HTTP service and OData-compatible data read/update access:

# HTTP Service 
DB_HTTP_ENABLED="true"                          ;export DB_HTTP_ENABLED
# OData Service

These are set in the files:

Linux /etc/lianja.d/lianja.conf
macOS /usr/local/lianja/server/conf/lianja.conf

The Lianja Cloud Server can also optionally listen on port 80, this is false by default:

# Used to determine if the HTTP Server will also listen on port 80
DB_PORT80_ENABLED="false"                       ;export DB_PORT80_ENABLED

To integrate Lianja Cloud Server on Linux in with Apache, see Apache Module for Linux.


On Windows, use the Lianja Server Manager to Enable HTTP server and optionally Enable HTTP port 80:

HTTP Settings tab

and to Enable OData Read service and Enable OData Update service:

Security tab

To integrate Lianja Cloud Server in with IIS, see ISAPI Extension for IIS.

Testing OData URIs

You can test OData URIs from the address bar of your browser:

OData in Browser Address Bar

Above showing in each case a read of an entire table from the southwind database on the default port 8001 of localhost in a range of browsers:


For the full supported URI syntax see OData URIs and for a list of operators see OData Operators.

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