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Getting Started

Videos Category Description
Getting Started Beginners Lianja App Builder Getting Started Guide:
Part 1: Overview of the Page Builder
Part 2: Building your first App
Part 3: Extending your first App
Lianja Web Client - Getting Started Beginners Lianja Web Client - Getting Started:
Getting started with the Lianja Cloud Server and Lianja Web Client.
Lianja Web Client App Center Beginners Lianja Web Client App Center:
Logging into and out of the Lianja App Center using the Lianja Web Client . Accessing your Apps from the Lianja App Center.

Lianja 3

Videos Category Description
Lianja 3 Release Beginners Lianja 3.0 Release: Faster. Smarter. Improved. :
Lianja 3 is a major release focused on developer productivity and performance. Take a quick look at some of the new features.
The Lianja 3 App Inspector Beginners The App Inspector:
The App Inspector has been massively enhanced in Lianja 3 to include live attribute and code delegate editing and one-click access to all workspace SideBar explorer panels.
Introduction to MetaTypes Intermediate Introduction to MetaTypes:
MetaTypes provide a powerful means of defining components and then subclassing them in Pages, Sections and FormItems.

Lianja App Builder Workspaces

Videos Category Description
Data Workspace Beginners Data Workspace:
The Lianja App Builder comes complete with an embedded database engine and the Data Workspace is where you manage its databases and tables.
Apps Workspace Beginners Apps Workspace:
The Apps Workspace is where you manage your Apps and their associated files.
Users Workspace Beginners Users Workspace:
The Users Workspace is where you add usernames, passwords and permission levels for the users who will access your Apps.
App Inspector Beginners App Inspector:
The App Inspector operates in both Development and Runtime View in the App Builder. It combines the functionality of the Console Workspace with an App structure tree, an event tracker and a debugout statement trace window.

Built-in Sections

Videos Category Description
Accordion Sections Beginners More on Sections:
How to rearrange Sections and how to configure Pages and Sections to make the most of the available screen size, including Accordion behavior.
Building a tablet-oriented App:
How to use Stackable Accordion Sections and recreate the tablet-oriented App, example_tabletui, included in the Lianja App Builder distribution.
CatalogView Sections Beginners CatalogView Sections:
CatalogView sections are ideal for displaying an image of a product or contact along with descriptive text and links to further information.
TabView Sections Beginners TabView Sections:
A Tabview is a Section made up of other sections, each one selectable using its tab.
Sortable Grid Sections Beginners Sortable Grid Sections:
Click a column header to sort a sortable Grid.

App Navigation

Videos Category Description
Page Center Beginners Page Center:
Each Page included in the Page menu has its own tile in the Page Center and you click the tile to go to the Page just as you click a tile in the App Center to load an App.

License Management

Videos Category Description
License Activation (Windows) Beginners License Activation on Windows:
How to activate and deactivate your Lianja License Key on Windows.


Videos Category Description
Database Timelines Advanced Database Timelines:
Database timelines provide chronological row versioning for Lianja database tables. Whenever a change is made to a table that is timeline enabled then delta changes are automatically recorded for each transaction. The timelines not only store information about the data changes made, who made them, from where and when, but also allow the changes to be rolled back.