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System Tables are system defined read-only tables. You can query these tables using the SELECT statement. The following is an alphabetical reference of the System Tables accessible to all users.

Table Remarks
SYSACTIVEUSERS Description of currently active users on the system
SYSALERTS Alert records for watched records
SYSAPPS Lianja Cloud Server deployed Apps
SYSBESTROWIDENTIFIER Description of a table’s optimal set of columns that uniquely identifies a row
SYSCATALOGS Catalog names available in the database
SYSCOLUMNCONSTRAINTS Description of the constraints for a table’s columns
SYSCOLUMNPRIVILEGES Description of the access rights for a table’s columns
SYSCOLUMNS Description of the table columns available in the catalog
SYSCROSSREFERENCE Description of how one table imports the keys of another table
SYSDATAMASKS Role based dynamic data masking
SYSEXPORTEDKEYS Description of the foreign key columns that reference the primary key columns
SYSFILES Description of files in the current directory. From v7.1.
SYSFILTERS QueryBuilder filters
SYSIMPORTEDKEYS Description of the primary key columns that are referenced by the foreign key
SYSINDEXINFO Description of a table’s indices and statistics
SYSIOSTATS Facility for monitoring table and index file I/O operations
SYSLOGGING System Logging information
SYSPACKAGES Lianja Cloud Server Package files
SYSPERMS Dynamic roles and permissions
SYSPRIMARYKEYS Description of the primary key columns in the table
SYSPROCEDURECOLUMNS Description of the input, output and results associated with certain stored procedures available
SYSPROCEDURES Description of the stored procedures available in the catalog
SYSREPORTS Lianja Cloud Server deployed reports
SYSRESULTSET Used to return the singleton result from any Lianja expression
SYSROLES Users and roles
SYSROWFILTERS Role based row level filters
SYSSCHEMAS Schema names available in the database
SYSTABLECONSTRAINTS Description of the constraints for each table available in the catalog
SYSTABLEPRIVILEGES Description of the access rights for each table available in the catalog
SYSTABLES Description of the tables available in the catalog
SYSTABLETYPES Table types available in the database system
SYSTIMELINE Timeline records for timelined tables
SYSTYPEINFO Description of all data types supported by the database
SYSUDTS Description of the user-defined types (UDTs) defined in the schema
SYSUSERS Username and email information for alerts for watched records
SYSVERSIONCOLUMNS Description of the columns in a table that are automatically updated when any row is updated