Building Desktop Apps

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Quick Start Guide

Create a Desktop App.
Use any of the supported scripting languages; Lianja/VFP, JavaScript, TypeScript, Babel/ES6, Python or PHP.
Develop the App visually using drag and drop in the pages workspace.
Test the Desktop App by clicking the "Desktop App View" icon in the header bar at the top right.
Deploy your Desktop App to a server on your LAN or build an installer in the Deploy workspace.

See Also

Developers Guide

Installation and Licensing

Product installation guides and instructions on how to activate and deactivate licenses.

Getting Started

Introducing the Lianja App Builder and how to build your first App.

Lianja App Builder

Guides to the Lianja App Builder workspaces.


User Interface

Visual development of pages, sections, gadgets and formitems in the Page Builder.


Designing and accessing native Lianja databases and tables and connecting to third party databases such as MS SQL Server and MySQL.


Writing event delegate code, procedures, functions and custom sections in your chosen supported scripting language(s).

Debugging and Error Handling

Testing and debugging your Apps and handling errors.

Users and Roles

Setting up users, roles and permissions.


Deploying your Apps.