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Lianja is a data-centric Apps platform (APaaS) for businesses of all sizes that lets you focus on

developing and deploying Line of business (LOB) Apps without the need to invest in lengthy
application development times and an expensive IT infrastructure.

The Lianja Platform consists of:

Lianja App Builder
Lianja SQL Server
Lianja Cloud Server
Lianja App Center
Lianja Cloud

Lianja App Builder is a cross-platform Visual Integrated Development Environment with support for
custom code written in Lianja/VFP, Python, PHP, JavaScript and TypeScript.

Lianja SQL Server is a SQL database server that provides data storage and SQL services so businesses
can access their data from anywhere; Desktop, Browser, and Mobile devices.
Using the Lianja SQL Server you can host groups of users over a network or in the cloud.
It's fast, reliable, easy-to-install and easy-to-manage.

Lianja Cloud Server is a flexible cloud database Apps Server that enables you to deploy and manage
data centric Apps in the Cloud on either Linux or Windows.
You build Apps using the Lianja App Builder then publish them into the Lianja Cloud.

Lianja App Center securely connects your users with your Lianja Apps on the desktop, web or mobile devices.
The App Center provides a common focal point where end users can select and launch Apps that have been
published and that they have permission to run.

Lianja Cloud is currently under development but is not yet publicly available. When the beta is available
we will notify a selection of beta testers and provide them with a membership subscription so that they can
experience Lianja Cloud first hand.

With many innovative technology features and functionality such as integrated MetaData and JSON support
in the database engine, Virtual Tables providing powerful third party SQL database connectivity,
an intelligent script editor with IntelliSense and much more, Lianja is a serious development and
deployment platform for both skilled IT developers and NoCode developers alike.

Lianja is developed and fully supported around the clock by a team of skilled IT professionals with
extensive experience in developing, deploying and supporting mission-critical enterprise applications
to companies worldwide.

If you have any questions about Lianja join the Lianja Developer Community and ask on the forums
If you have any issues or something doesn't work as expected then please submit a ticket.

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