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The Lianja database is a high performance SQL and NoSQL (Navigational data access) database.

Despite its powerful features the Lianja database is simple to set up and easy to use.

It is used in many business critical installations worldwide including banking, defense and logistics.

A Lianja database is a container holding a collection of tables, views, and their associated constraints and business rules. Tables consist of rows and columns, also referred to as records and fields. Each column or field has a name, a data type and a width. It can optionally have decimal places, a description and data validation rules. Data is added to the table by adding rows or records.

Key features

  • Embedded in Lianja App Builder, Lianja App Center, Lianja Cloud Server and Lianja SQL Server
  • Incorporates a local cursor engine
  • Tight coupling between language (Lianja/VFP) and data
  • Native access from Lianja/VFP, Python, PHP, javaScript and TypeScript
  • High concurrent throughput incorporating row level locking
  • Fast and reliable with a small footprint
  • Chronological Data Versioning and audit trails to satisfy regulatory requirements
  • Very large file support (2^64) for the most demanding storage requirements
  • Supports storage of documents, images, video and other binary content
  • Supports Hot backup
  • Cluster ready, highly scalable, with self-healing indexes
  • Incorporates cost-based query optimization using indexes
  • Incorporates SmartQuery™ technology with intelligent query caching
  • Write stored procedures in Lianja/VFP scripting
  • Write triggers in Lianja/VFP scripting
  • Supports integration with third party SQL databases using virtual tables
  • Supports row level security (RLS)
  • Supports dynamic data masking (DDM)
  • Has integrated support for metadata at the database, table and column level
  • Many productivity extensions to standard SQL e.g. SELECT data and save as XML, JSON, HTML in one statement
  • Supports JSON with a native JSON data type and the ability to query on JSON members using SQL SELECT with fully optimized queries
  • Supports full JSON CRUD operations; INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE of JSON
  • Can be used as high performance key/value table storage
  • Supports encryption of tables
  • Available for Windows, Linux and macOS
  • Provides drivers for ODBC data access
  • Includes a native Key Value Store (KVS) in Lianja 6.3.

Lianja SQL

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Lianja Database Events

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Lianja Database Triggers

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Virtual Tables

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Row Level Security

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Dynamic Data Masking

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Working with MetaData

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Chronological Data Versioning

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Working with JSON

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Stored Procedures

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Backup and Restore

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Creating a database and its tables

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