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Stores database timelines row versioning records

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The systimeline table is stored in the system database and holds database timelines row versioning information.

Column Data Type Width Description
DATABASE C 30 Master database name
TABLE C 30 Master table name
RUID C 16 Unique row id
RID I 11 Table row id
USER C 20 User login that changed the data
LOCATION C 30 IP address where data was changed from
TIMESTAMP C 16 Timestamp of change
COMMAND C 20 Command that changed the data
OLDDATA M 8 Data before change
NEWDATA M 8 Data after change

Note: the systimeline table only exists after SET TIMELINE has been set ON and timeline entries have been created.


SELECT * FROM system!systimeline WHERE between(left(timestamp,8), '20171001', '20171007')