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Enable database timelines for row versioning



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Database timelines provide row versioning for Lianja database applications. Whenever a change is made to a table that is timeline enabled, delta changes are automatically recorded for each transaction. Changes made to any tables that are timeline enabled can be undone much like you would undo changes to program code that you edit in a text editor. SET TIMELINE is OFF by default.

Timelines can also be enabled for a specific database in its metadata. In the MetaData Editor specify the Attribute as timeline and the Value as on. Alternatively, use the ALTER DATABASE command as shown below.

If you are not building Lianja Apps but rather you are performing data admin tasks that perform CRUD operations on large tables and work mainly interactively in the console then you should SET SYSTIMELINE OFF.

From Lianja v6.0, SET TIMELINE is automatically switched OFF for the following commands: APPEND BLANK, APPEND FROM and GENERATE.


set timeline on
// Or set in the database metadata to always apply to the specified database
alter database southwind metadata "timeline=on"