License Management Guide

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  • Lianja v9.x products require a Lianja v9 license key.
  • On first install of a Lianja software product - Lianja App Builder, Lianja SQL Server or Lianja Cloud Server - a 30 day trial license will be automatically enabled.
  • The Community Edition has been discontinued from v9.0.
  • If you need to move the license to another computer you Deactivate it on the current computer and Activate it on the new one.
  • If for some reason access is lost to your computer you can email Lianja support who can Revoke and replace your purchased license.
  • Instructions for license activation and deactivation are given in the pages for individual operating systems listed below.
  • A Lianja App Builder license allows 3 activations for an individual developer: 1 on the main licensed machine and 2 further activations on the licensed developer's additional devices. The license can be activated on Windows, Linux or Mac. Activating a Lianja App Builder license applies the activation to Lianja App Builder, Lianja SQL Server and Lianja Cloud Server on that machine.