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Trial or Purchased License fails to activate

Please read the following if your trial license reports that it has expired immediately on installation or if your activation of a product key fails:

1. First check your system date. If your system date is incorrect, correct it and restart your machine, then restart your Lianja product or retry the product key activation.

2. If you are activating a product key, please make sure you have an active Internet connection. If you are on Windows and are using a proxy server, your Internet Explorer proxy server settings will be used. This is the case even if Internet Explorer is not your default browser, so the settings in Internet Explorer need to be valid.

3. If you previously set Lianja environment variables on Windows for an earlier Lianja installation, remove these.

4. Check that your firewall is not blocking the activation operation. We have had reports of this occurring with Panda Adaptive Defense.

5. Still having problems? Let us know.

Linux: Deactivating via the System Menu

If the license was activated using 'sudo lianja-lm activate ...', it should be deactivated using 'sudo lianja-lm deactivate' and not the option in the System Menu.