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Note: property, method and event names should be referred to in lowercase in case-sensitive scripting languages.


Shown below in a standalone Form. Click the image to see in a Custom Section in a Lianja Page.

Optionbutton, Optiongroup

An Optiongroup is a labelled containers for Optionbutton controls. Optionbuttons in the group act like radio buttons with a single button on (True) and all other buttons in the group off (False).


This class supports the Common Properties plus the following:

Property Access (R/RW) Value Description
Backstyle RW Numeric Background style: 0 = transparent, 1 = opaque
Caption RW Character Text displayed in the button
Picture RW Character Filename of image displayed in the button
Value RW Numeric or Boolean Checked state of the button


This class supports the Common Methods plus the following:

Method Args Description


This class supports the Common Events plus the following:

Event Args Description
InteractiveChange None Occurs when an option is selected