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Lianja supports a growing number of dynamic scripting languages and Babel is one of them. It is fully integrated in and is a first class citizen with full support for the Lianja UI Framework, the ability to code custom sections, gadgets and custom delegates in Babel.

In Lianja v4.1, Babel has been added as a supported scripting language. Babel is a tool for transpiling (compiling) ES6/ES7 code to ECMAScript 5 code, which can be used today in any modern browser. Even more - Babel has extensions for transpiling JSX for React and Flow syntax for static type checking. Babel and its surrounding ecosystem is playing an essential role for today’s modern web applications. Now with Babel fully integrated into Lianja you are ready to start using the latest JavaScript specs and accompanied technologies (JSX, Flow, etc.) from now on.

Babel files have a ".esx" extension. You can set the scripting language in your App to "Babel" in the App settings.

Any editing changes to the ".esx" file cause it to be automatically transpiled into a ".js" file in the same way a ".ts" TypeScript file is transpiled into a ".js" file.

You can integrate Lianja/VFP, Python and PHP code in with the Babel code.

Pro Tip

When building Apps each Page, Section and Formitem can use any or a combination of the supported scripting languages.

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