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Unlike many other products on the market you do not have to be a "programmer" to build beautiful database Apps with Lianja.

We call this NoCode™ App building.

If you are famliar with Microsoft Access you will find Lianja easier to use and quicker to build database Apps with Forms, Grids, Reports, Graphs and other built-in features.

For students, teachers, business "domain experts" or those of you who have little to no programming knowledge "citizen developers" Lianja will help you in so many ways.

Using Lianja, Visual App Development has never been easier.

We believe that building beautiful Apps that run on the Desktop, Web and Mobile devices should not require significant technical expertise. One of our primary objectives is to provide an easy to install, easy to use and easy to deploy product that anyone can use irrespective of their programming skills.

Lianja takes a radically different view of app development providing a high level of abstraction for visually designing, developing and deploying multi-client-device business apps on whatever operating system you choose.

Lianja is available for Windows, Mac, Linux. It enables both professional developers and domain-experts (people who know everything about their business but are not programmers) to be able to build compelling Desktop, Web and Mobile Apps.

Building database Apps in Lianja without programming is simple and straightforward. We truly believe there is no faster way to build Apps than with Lianja. With its unique feature set you can build compelling Desktop, Web and Mobile Apps using the Lianja App Builder without writing any programming code at all.

This is primarily accomplished using drag and drop followed by customization of the UI by setting attributes.

This functionality makes Lianja an ideal application prototyping tool also.