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Working with Projects

In the Lianja App Builder, you can organize your Apps, Database and Library files into Projects.

With a Project open, the Home, Apps, Data and Library workspace explorers show just the files included in your Project, giving you a clear view of your current development.

When you want to deploy, you can click the checkbox for your Project in the Deploy workspace and all your Project's files will be selected, saving you from selecting them individually and risking missing essential files.

Quick Start Guide

Select the "Projects" workspace if it is not already selected.
Select the "Project Files" Tab in the App Inspector if it is not already selected.
Double click a project filename to open it.

Note: using a Project is not required, but can streamline development and simplify deployment.

Getting Started

Open a Project

You select a Project by double-clicking on its name in the left sidebar Project files tree in the Projects workspace.

The "(default)" Project shows all Apps, Databases and Library files.

Home workspace displays Apps from the open Project

After opening a Project, only those files that you have added to your Project will be displayed in the Apps, Data and Library workspaces and in the Home workspace.

New Project

To create a Project, right-click on the left sidebar project files tree and choose "New project..." or click the "+" in the actionbar at the bottom of the Project files tree or the '+' toolbutton in the headerbar.

You will be prompted to enter a name for the new Project.

The Home workspace also has a 'Create a Project' tile.

Note: Project names should not include spaces or dots.

Add and remove files from a Project

Once you have a Project open, you can add Apps, Data and Library files to the project by right-clicking on the files tree in the left sidebar and selecting "Add file to project...".

To remove a file from a project simply right-click on the filename in the files tree and select "Remove from project...".

From v6.3, Reports can also be added to a project.

Pro Tip

You can use Custom Builders to intercept the new App, Page, database and table
default operations for a specific project.

Deploying Desktop and Web Apps from a Project

Deploy a Project

In the Deploy workspace, the Deployment files explorer tree has a Projects branch.

Select a Project by checking its checkbox and it will automatically select all files in the Project in the Deployment files explorer tree.


From v9, Build Project Package is available from the Develop quick links button in the ModeBar:
- opens the Apps in the current project
- runs a Preview live in browser to generate the HTML files
- creates a package for upload to a Lianja Cloud Server for automatic installation

Building PhoneGap Mobile Apps from a Project

This has been deprecated in Lianja v5.4. See Progressive Web Apps.