Lianja App Center

The Lianja App Center securely connects your users with your Lianja Apps on the Desktop, Cloud or Mobile devices. The App Center provides a common focal point where end users can select and launch Apps that have been published and that they have permission to run.

Developers and/or domain knowledge workers build Apps using the Lianja App Builder then deploy them for easy access for Desktop, Web and Mobile users. The Lianja App Center detects the client device and adjusts its UI appearance automatically. 

When developers build a Lianja App they can hide or show individual apps, pages and sections of pages depending upon whether the App Center is running on a desktop, in a browser or on a mobile device. These is all accomplished just by setting "Attributes" in the App, Page or Section attributes dialogs.

Lianja App Center at a glance:

  • A common focal point where published Apps are made available to end users
  • Only Apps that an authenticated user has permission to run are visible
  • Permissions can be established right down to the field level within a page of an App
  • Provides secure App provisioning within an enterprise for users launching Apps from the desktop, web and mobile devices
  • Fully customizable to provide corporate branding
  • Secure centralized App deployment
  • Modern web UI on all devices
  • Dynamic tiles providing a management information dashboard without the need to open an App
  • Apps can wrap existing legacy web Apps with complete permissions based user roles providing the ability to integrate corporate Apps

Running Lianja Apps is a simple 3-step process.

STEP 1 -- The end-user logs in


STEP 2 -- The Lianja App Center displays the Apps available to the user based on their permissions and roles after they have logged in.


STEP 3 -- The end-user clicks on a tile to load an App.


Navigating between the "Pages" that make up your Apps is simple and consistent. Choose a page to view from the "Navigation" button in the top left of the display panel. As a user navigates back and forwards between pages the state of the page is maintained automatically without the need to reload its contents.


Powerful features such as HTML5 editors and calendars are standard built-in UI components in the Lianja App Builder which can be incorporated into an App with no coding being required. All of these components are bound to data in your databases and operate seamlessly on the Desktop, in the Cloud and on Mobile devices.