Understanding Dynamic Compilation

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Using dynamic scripting languages enables better agile development practices as the whole UI of the application is live during visual development. Using a dynamic scripting language rather than a non dynamic language which requires compile and build steps is highly preferable.

An added benefit of using a dynamic scripting language is that the application code can be deployed to a server and be live-updated without down time.

Lianja supports a growing number of dynamic scripting languages.

  • LianjaScript
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Babel/ES6
  • Python
  • PHP

As you develop more advanced applications you may need to code some custom delegates in the scripting language of your choice, and possibly some dynamic web pages (.rsp or .jssp).

As you edit code then save the changes, Lianja App Builder watches for file changes and will automatically re-compile your code and refresh the UI elements affected by the change.

You do not need to manually compile and then build your App. This is all done for you behind the scenes.