Lianja Cloud Server

The Lianja Cloud Server is a fast, flexible and small footprint cloud database Apps Server that enables you to deploy Web and/or Mobile Apps in the Cloud or on a LAN hosted on either Linux or Windows. You build Apps using the Lianja App Builder then deploy them to a server running the Lianja Cloud Server.

Note that unlike some other competing technologies the Lianja Cloud Server does not limit the number of CPUs, cores or memory size that it will run on. This provides you with the ability to scale up your server to satisfy growth or performance requirements without needing to purchase additional software.

The Lianja Cloud Server comes as two offerings:
  • Lianja Hosted Cloud Server on the Lianja Apps Cloud.
  • Lianja Private Cloud Server that can be installed and managed on your own servers.

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  Lianja Cloudv9  

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hosted private cloud_plat
  • Lianja Hosted Cloud Server Edition (Amazon).
  • Lianja Private Cloud Server that can be installed and managed in an existing IT infrastructure.
  • Can be installed in an existing IT infrastructure on Windows Server or Linux
lock LianjaSQLServer_small lianja_clients
  • Provides secure Web and Mobile App deployment of Apps developed using the Lianja App Builder
  • Includes Lianja SQL Server
  • Includes Lianja Web Client (Desktop and Mobile)
sync roles searchicon
  • Once published, Lianja Cloud Apps can be run in a web browser using the Lianja Web Client (included) or on mobile devices with the Lianja Mobile Client (Included).
  • User permissions and roles handled automatically
  • Automatic browser client detection with UI personalities (Desktop and Mobile browsers)
load-balancer redundancy performance
  • Can be load balanced across multiple server instances
  • Can be configured with real-time data replication and automatic failover on database server failure (Linux servers only)
  • High performance and scaleable architecture using best of breed technologies
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