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Lianja App Builder includes Electron integration for generating executable self-contained client Apps for Windows (Windows 7 and above), MacOS and Linux.

Electron Apps require a connection to Lianja Cloud Server running either on-premises or in the Cloud.

Quick Start Guide

Create a Web or Mobile App.
Use JavaScript or TypeScript as the scripting language.
Test the App in a Web App View and/or Live Preview.
Select the "Build" workspace.
You configure Electron Apps in the "Electron" Tab of the “Build” workspace.
You can build electron Apps for Windows x86, Windows x64, Linux x64 and macOS.
When you click the build button the electron App will be built locally.

Electron is used to package up many leading applications such as Visual Studio Code.

With Electron you can package up a Lianja Web/Mobile App into an executable for Windows, MacOS or Linux. This is similar to the way in which PhoneGap operates insofar as the Apps are visually designed in Lianja and can include TypeScript and/or JavaScript custom code, but the target is a desktop application which can be submitted to the Windows and MacOS App stores.

After creating your Web App and testing it in the browser, you build the Electron executable in the Electron tab in the Build workspace.

Notes and System Requirements


  • To build Electron Apps for Windows, Linux requires 32 bit Wine.
  • Electron Apps for Mac cannot be signed on Linux, if a signed App is required, it must be signed on a Mac.


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