Cut your development time and reduce risk by having Lianja consultants work as part of your development team.

Wherever you are in your development cycle, it pays to bring Lianja's expertise on board. Get help with best practices, legacy application migration, performance optimization, bug resolution, or just add a Lianja expert as a full-time team member.

Fast track a new project by having Lianja build a prototype of part of your App, so you can see how Lianja best practices apply to your unique requirements. For an even bigger boost, combine this with training and use the completed prototype as supplementary training materials.

Need an application done yesterday? Because our consultants actively participate in the design of Lianja itself, they know exactly how it's meant to be used.

If you need to address a new market opportunity ASAP, Lianja consulting is the right partner for time critical projects.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and see how we can help you accelerate your time to market.