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Lianja App Builder has integrated Git support for the most common commands. This makes it an excellent choice to manage your code commits while you develop.

Quick Start Guide

Select the "Apps" or "Library" workspace.
Right click on a filename and choose a git operation.

Git Context Menu

Lianja App Builder will leverage your machine's Git installation, so you need to install Git first before you get these features.

You can install Git from

Right click on Apps or Library “Files” to display a context menu which includes many common Git commands.

Git Console

These are all disabled until you download and install Git from (Be sure to add the Git directory to your PATH. This is c:\program files\git\bin\" on my windows development machine).

I would also recommend you download and install SourceTree for managing your git repository. You can download this free from

The Git website at includes a complete eBook which explains how git operates and how to use it. Another good resource to help you better understand Git can be found at

In Lianja after you “Git Init here” from the files context menu you can perform a variety of git actions by selecting them from the context menu. Alternatively, you can select “Git Gui” from the context menu.

I recommend you create an account with or use Amazon AWS CodeCommit. Both are a good choice.

The Lianja “Versions” workspace keeps versioned files for all edits you perform. You can restore from a previous version in the “Versions” workspace.

Git is a powerful version control system for Teams and individual developers. Its most powerful feature by far is “Branching” which allows multiple team members to create a new “Branch” of code, work on this and when its ready to be merged with the main codebase, use Git to merge it in and commit the changes to you code repository.

Git can work very nicely without a remote repository providing file versioning on a single developers PC. This is called “Local” Git.