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This documentation is for an earlier version of the App Inspector. For the version 5 App Inspector see here.

The App Inspector

The App Inspector is your best friend during development as it provides a complete overview of your App.

It is organized into Tabs. Each Tab is relevant to a particular workspace. You can double click a Tab to detach it into its own floating window.

Clicking the small icon on the far right of the App Inspector title bar will detach it into its own floating window.

Double clicking the window title bar when it is floating will attach it back into place.

App Inspector

The Attributes Tab

The Attributes Tab contains the App Attributes for Pages, Sections, FormItems and GridColumns. From Lianja v4.2, the App Settings are also included in the Attributes Tab.

App Settings in the Attributes Tab

Selecting a UI Element

Attributes Tab

Pro Tip

If the App Inspector is closed, double-click a UI Element's header or caption to slide in the Attributes Dialog.

Selecting an Attribute Category

Focus in on a single attribute category:

Attributes Tab

Or view them all:

Attributes Tab

Selecting an Attribute

Scroll through the attributes or search for an attribute by its first letter:

Attributes Tab

Attributes Tab

Changing Attributes

Most attributes take effect in the Page Builder as you change them:

Attributes Tab

For some attributes - where the data needs to be reloaded, as in the Section Filter shown below - the Apply Changes and Revert Changes buttons are displayed in the actionbar. Click the green tick to Apply Changes.

Attributes Tab

Note that from Lianja v4.2, the background color of the actionbar changes to pink when you need to confirm the change.

Actionbar Buttons

As shown above, the Apply Changes and Revert Changes buttons appear in the actionbar when confirmation is needed to commit a change. The actionbar has four further buttons:

  • Toggle Editable: click this to toggle between locking the attributes and making them editable.
  • Refresh: click this to refresh the Attributes panel, e.g. if you manually resize a grid column or edit a formitem caption in the Page Builder.
  • Undo: undo attribute changes.
  • Redo: redo attribute changes.
Attributes Tab

The '...' Button

Attributes Tab

Attributes Tab

Dock Tab

To dock the tab back in the App Inspector, click the [x] or double-click the window title bar.

Attributes Tab

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