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Save an App as a template so that it can be used when creating a new App.

Save As App Template

Select Save As App Template from the Apps menu in the App Builder MenuBar. When prompted, enter a name for the template. If you enter the name of an existing template, it will be overwritten.

Template names that contain "__" have the underlines replaced with a newline. Single underline ("_") characters are replaced with spaces. This provides the ability to provide meaningful names for the templates in the App Wizard.

Save As App Template

Using an App Template

App Templates can be selected in the App Wizard when you create a new App.

Choose a Template

This will create a new App based on the selected template. Subsequent changes made to the new App do not affect the original template.

To create a new App, use the tile in the Home Workspace:

Create an App

Alternatively, use the New App... option from the Apps menu in the App Builder MenuBar or the toolbutton or actionbar + button in the Apps Workspace.

Create an App

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