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Commands, Functions, Classes and Sections introduced in Lianja v5.0.

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  • Lianja v5.0 Release Notes
  • Canvas Designer enhancements.
  • CarouselView Options enhancements. CarouselView Sections can now be data bound to records with an image file column. Full CRUD operations are supported on desktop, web and mobile. The records can be filtered and sorted and the target of a relation.
  • USE command enhanced to support the opening of a table from a remote ODBC data source by specifying a 32-bit ODBC System DSN.
  • SET CONNSTR set command enhanced to treat a Virtual Table connection string starting with '?' as a default.
  • SQL SELECT command enhanced to include the INTO CSV clause.
  • SQL SELECT command enhanced to allow remote ODBC data sources to be queried directly.
  • MESSAGEBOX() function now has improved support in JavaScript.
  • INPUTBOX() function now supported in JavaScript.
  • SPACE() function now supported in JavaScript.
  • CHOOSE() function now supported in JavaScript.
  • New App Settings: Additional file path, Autoload libraries, App files search path, Library files search path, Component library, Components.
  • New Lianja System Object methods: loadLibrary(), fullPath(), loadAddIns(), setRelationship(), uploadImageFiles(), logEvent(), switchDatabase(), getURL(), refreshAppInspector(), loadReport().
  • New Container method: removeAll().
  • New PageBuilder methods: setRelationship(), refreshNavigationPanel().
  • New Section method: setRelationship().
  • New Column properties: button, buttonCaption, customDisplay, customEditor.
  • Report Section enhancements.
  • New App Files and Library Files context menu options.
  • New 'diff' functionality in the Versions workspace to highlight the differences in file versions.
  • User authentication is now common across all products. For ODBC DSNs on Windows and Linux, the username and password need to be that of a valid Lianja user. This means that Row level Security and Dynamic Data Masks are now also applied to Lianja data accessed via ODBC.


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