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This allows developers to deploy application packages to the 'Team' or 'Applications' repositories in github. This is a major productivity improvement providing centralized application distribution and update management.

App Settings

The following Repository App Settings determine the Github Team and Applications repositories and their respective usernames:

Item Description
Team repository Github team repository name, e.g. Lianja/LianjaX
Team repository username Github team repository username for authentication
Applications repository Github apps repository, e.g. Lianja/LianjaApps
Applications repository username Github apps repository username for authentication

Downloading from the Team Repository

Application packages can be downloaded from the Team Repository in the Team workspace. A tile will be displayed for each package available in the Team repository for the current Team repository username account. Depending on whether the package has already been installed or not, the tile allows the App to be opened or the package downloaded.

App Builder Team Repository

Downloading from the Applications Repository

End users can download packaged Lianja applications from the Repository panel in the Lianja App Center. If an App has already been downloaded, the displayed tile allows the App to be opened or notifies of an available update.

App Center Applications Repository

Creating a Lianja Package File

These are created in the Deploy workspace. See here for full details.

Deploying to the Team and Applications Repositories

After creating a Lianja package file, it can be published to the Team or Release GitHub repository from the Team Development and Release Management tab in the Deploy workspace.

Publish to Team or Release Repository

As well as package publishing (uploading), the buttons allow for repository packages to be listed or unpublished (deleted).

Item Description
Repositories Team | Release.
Publish button Upload the specified package to the selected repository.
Unpublish button Delete the specified package from the selected repository.
List button List the packages in the selected repository (public repositories only).

GitHub Repository details

Item Description
Repository The name of the target repository.
Note that this field is readonly: the Team and Release repositories are defined in the App Settings.
Username The username to access the target repository.
Password The password or personal access token for the above account.

Package details

Item Description
Package Select a previously created Package from the pulldown.
Category The category for the package.
Author The author for the package.
Description The description for the package.
Caption The caption for the package.
Subcaption The subcaption for the package.
Icon The icon for the package.
Roles The roles for the package.
Version The version for the package.