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ArticleView Sections are used to display HTML pages with a default bootstrap theme. From v5.3.

ArticleView Section


The example_component App includes an ArticleView Section (section3). Find the example_component App listed under 'Examples|General' in the App Names explorer panel in the Apps Workspace.

ArticleView Section options

The following ArticleView Section section-specific options are available:


The Database Attribute defines the database name for the data source for data-bound ArticleView Sections.


The Table Attribute defines the table name for the data source for data-bound ArticleView Sections.

Data source

The Data source Attribute defines the varchar/memo column name for data-bound ArticleView Sections.


The File Attribute defines the HTML file to be displayed in the Section. In the example_component App, this is:


As shown in the screenshot above, clicking on the keyboard icon in the Section header opens the file in the HTML Editor.


The Editable Attribute determines whether the file specified above is editable (based on user roles and permissions).

Notes on Client Support

Attribute Notes
Database -
Table -
Data source -
File -
Editable -