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New features in Lianja v5.3.

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  • Lianja v5 Release Notes
  • Dashboard Sections can now layout horizontally on the same row as well as top to bottom, left to right.
    • A new App, example_dashboard2 has been added to show how to layout sections horizontally. Find it listed under 'Examples|General' in the App Names explorer panel in the Apps Workspace.
    • A new App, example_dashboard3 has been added. This App displays a grid on the left and a form on the right in a dashboard section. The action bar buttons navigate between records in the form section. Clicking on a row in the grid (on the left) relates a record in the form. You can then navigate the records with that "child key". Find it listed under 'Examples|General' in the App Names explorer panel in the Apps Workspace.
  • Visual Components functionality has been extended, including a new Component Attributes Editor and Components Gallery.
  • New example_component2 and example_component3 example Apps are included in the Lianja App Builder distribution to demonstrate the use of Visual Components. Find them listed under 'Examples|General' in the App Names explorer panel in the Apps Workspace.
  • New DB_ODATATRACE environment variable / Windows registry entry for Web App performance tuning and debugging.
  • The Modify Virtual Table... dialogpanel now has dialog buttons attached to the right of the fields which when clicked allows editing text in a popup editor.
    This is particularly useful for editing long SQL statements.
  • Attributes QuickView display of key attributes when you hover the mouse over the caption of a Form Section Field or Canvas Section Advanced Control.
  • Grid Section Column subtotals are now supported in the Web/Mobile clients in the Grid Section Summary.
  • Section Menus can now have the selected menu option highlighted.
  • Inline Gadgets can flow with fields in a Form Section. Just check the Inline attribute and set a Fixed height. The caption, if not hidden, will be displayed beside.
  • Gadgets now have additional attributes Desktop Margin Top and Web Margin Top allowing the top margin for inline gadgets to be set in Desktop, Web and Mobile Apps.
  • Three new showdocument / Lianja.showDocument() actions:
  • Additional page menuitems in the format caption,action|caption,action... where action corresponds to a showdocument() argument, e.g. exit: or closeapp:.
  • New Grid methods: getRowColor(nRow) and getItemColor(nRow,nCol).
  • MS SQL Server syntax nested select 'from' now supported by SQL SELECT, e.g.
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM (SELECT * FROM customers WHERE country = "UK")


SELECT COUNT(*) AS ukcos FROM (SELECT * FROM customers WHERE country = "UK") ukcustomers