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The Troubleshooter provides a tabbed interface bringing together debugging, tracing and performance metrics to assist you in testing and tuning your Apps.


Desktop Tab

The Desktop Tab contains the following:

Tab Description
Debugger Contains the Lianja/VFP Debugger.
Python Debugger Contains the Python Debugger.
JavaScript Debugger Contains the JavaScript Debugger.
Error Viewer Contains error message output.
Debugout Contains debugout message output.
Debug File Contains debug information in the event of an error.
Trace File Contains debug tracing information.
UIState Trace Contains tracing information about UI State transition operations.
Performance Metrics Contains tracing and performance metrics for internal operations and events to allow you to see how events are fired and handled in your code and help you in performance tuning.
Profiler Metrics Contains Profiler environment settings and data when a Lianja/VFP prg script is profiled in the Apps Workspace.

Server Tab

The Server Tab contains the following:

Tab Description
Error Viewer Contains server error message output.


Apart from in the Debugger tabs (Debugger, Python Debugger, JavaScript Debugger), the following buttons are displayed:

Button Description
Clear Clear the current tab.
Clear All Clear all tabs.
Purge Purge all error files.
debugout on/off Toggle to enable/disable debugout message logging.
debug on/off Toggle to enable/disable debug message logging.

Here, debug and debugout are both off, click the buttons to toggle them on:


Here, debug and debugout are both on, click the buttons to toggle them off: