System Capacities

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Fields and Variables

Data Types

Feature Capacity
Maximum character variable size 64 KB

Tables and Indexes

Feature Capacity
Maximum table size 2^64 bytes
Maximum records per table 2,147,483,647
Maximum number of columns in a table 256
Maximum memo/object file size 2^64 bytes
Maximum single memo/object size 100 MB
Maximum index file size 2^64 bytes
Maximum index key length 192 characters (index keys have an 8 character unique value postfixed, giving 200 characters in total).
Maximum tag indexes in a multiple index file 128
Maximum cursors/workareas 255 (256 if no database is open, otherwise workarea 256 is reserved for the database).


Feature Capacity
Maximum procedure name length 32 characters
Maximum variable name length 32 characters
Maximum field name length 32 characters
Maximum index tag name length 32 characters

Programs, Procedures and Commands

Feature Capacity
Maximum Lianja/VFP command length 16 KB
Maximum SQL SELECT statement length 16 KB


Feature Capacity
Sortable column in Grid Section Sorted on first 192 characters