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Database Files

Extension Description
cam Database catalog MetaData file
cam Database catalog Memo/VarChar/VarBinary file
cat Database catalog file
cax Database catalog indexes

Table Files

Extension Description
bak Table backup file
dbd Data Dictionary file
dbf Table file
dbt Memo/VarChar/VarBinary file
dbx Table indexes
ndx Single index file (deprecated)

Script/Program Files

Where files are source/compiled pairs, the compiled file is the one used at runtime. Compiled files are created automatically in the Lianja App Builder when the corresponding source file is run or can be generated using the COMPILE command. Deploying through the Deploy Workspace in the Lianja App Builder selects the compiled version of the file for you and does not include the source file.

Note: compiling a program source file with a non-standard extension, e.g. src or txt creates a compiled version with the final character changed to an 'o': sro or txo.

Extension Description
dbo Compiled prg file
js JavaScript file
jssp JavaScript dynamic server page
php PHP file
prg Lianja/VFP script/program source file. The compiled version has a dbo extension.
py Python file
rso Compiled Lianja/VFP dynamic server page
rsp Lianja/VFP dynamic server page. The compiled version has an rso extension.
vco Compiled class library file
vcp Class library source file. The compiled version has a vco extension.

Imported Visual FoxPro Files

Extension Description
scp Form source file (imported scx/sct)
vcp Class library source file (imported vcx/vct)

Lianja App Files

Extension Description
labels Internal use
lianja Internal use
lianjax Internal use (deprecated)
properties Internal use

Package Files

Extension Description
lpk Lianja package file for transferring Apps, data and Library files from one Lianja App Builder to another. Create in the Deploy Workspace and install in the App Workspace.

Configuration Files

Extension Description
db Configuration source file. The compiled version has a do extension.
do Compiled configuration file

Settings Files

Extension Description
deploy Deployment settings file (installers sub-directory)

Extensions Files

Lianja/SDK C API

Extension Description
dll Windows dynamic-link library
dylib Mac dynamic library
so Linux dynamically linked shared object library

Miscellaneous/Standard Files

Extension Description
css CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) file
gif Graphics file
html HTML file
ico Icon file
jpg Graphics file
png Graphics file
txt Text file