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App Settings, Script Editor

Use External Editor

Use External Editor for editing (True | False).

External Editor

The External Editor for editing, e.g. code.

  • If you are using the Visual Studio Code editor for editing JavaScript (.js) or TypeScript (.ts) files, referencing the TypeScript definition files for Lianja will provide intellisense for Lianja classes.

Include the following line at the start of your .js or .ts file:

For App files:

/// <reference path="../../library/Lianja.d.ts" />

For library files:

/// <reference path="Lianja.d.ts"/>

External Editor Extensions

A comma separated list of file extensions that will be edited externally, e.g. js,ts,html,css,py,php.

Activate Completion

Activate statement completion (Always | Manually | Never).

Activate completion timeout

Activate statement completion timeout.

Enable Intellitips

Enable Intellitips (True | False).

Enable code snippets

Enable code snippets (True | False).

When a snippet is inserted it contains parameter insertion points e.g. Here is the snippet called ife for an if/else/endif statement.

if ${condition}
	${insert your code here}
	${insert your else code here}

See Script Editor: Code Snippets for more details.

Enable command syntax hints

Enable command syntax hints (True | False).

Enable function parameter hints

Enable function parameter hints (True | False).

Enable command parameter hints

Enable command window parameter hints (True | False).

Insert matching characters

Automatically insert matching characters (True | False).

Enable code folding

Enable code folding (True | False).

Code Folding

Code blocks such as if...endif, for...endfor, scan...endscan and do case...endcase are automatically indicated in the left margin with a small + or - icon at the start of the block and an arrow at the end.

Click the - icon to fold the code block.

Click the + icon to unfold a folded code block.

See Script Editor: Code Folding for more details.

Enable word highlighting

Enable highlighting of words in file as typed (True | False).

Enable smart indenting

Enable smart indenting of code blocks (True | False).

Enable object naming conventions

Enable object naming conventions to display property/method pick lists based on identifier prefixes (True | False).

Naming format: Image

See Object Variable Intellisense Heuristics for details.

Refresh advanced panel

Always refresh the editor advanced panel when a file is edited (True | False).

Find and Advanced Panels

The Advanced Panel has a number of tabs providing the results of App or Library wide searches along with script and compilation output.

See Script Editor: Find Panel and Advanced Panel for more information about the editor advanced panel.


The editor theme (Default | Visual Studio Dark | Visual Studio Light | Eclipse | Dreamweaver).

Editor Theme

See Script Editor:Themes for information on creating your own theme.

App files search path

A semi-colon (;) separated list of directories to search and refresh in the editor advanced panel when an App file is edited. (From v5.0).

Library files search path

A semi-colon (;) separated list of directories to search and refresh in the editor advanced panel when a Library file is edited. (From v5.0).