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Report options

Graph type

Select from a known chart type: Horizontal Bar | Vertical Bar | Line | Pie | Gantt | Bipolar | Funnel | Radar | Rose | Scatter | Radial Scatter | Thermometer | Waterfall | Vertical Progress Bar | Horizontal Progress Bar


The generated URL that will be rendered in the chart section


Attribute Description
Width The chart height in pixels.
Height The chart title height in pixels.
Left gutter The chart left gutter width in pixels.
Right gutter The chart right gutter width in pixels.
Top gutter The chart top gutter width in pixels.
Bottom gutter The chart bottom gutter width in pixels.


Attribute Description
Background color The chart canvas color specified as an HTML style color
Shadow Enable or disable 3D shadowing (True | False).
Effects Enable or disable special effects for displaying the chart (True | False).
Gradient colors Enable or disable gradient colors for data segments/bars (True | False).

Applies to Pie, Bipolar, Waterfall.

Gradient start color If Gradient colors is True, the gradient start color specified as an HTML style color
Gradient end color If Gradient colors is True, the gradient end color specified as an HTML style color
Colors The colors for the data (one for each segment). This should be a comma separated list of HTML style colors.

Applies to Horizontal Bar, Vertical Bar, Line, Pie, Bipolar, Funnel, Radar, Rose.


Attribute Description
Title The chart title. This defaults to Untitled <chart-type> Chart.
Title foreground color The chart title foreground color specified as an HTML style color.
Title background color The chart title background color specified as an HTML style color.


The comma separated list of chart data. For grouped data, separate the groups with a | character.


Attribute Description
Labels The chart labels.
Label foreground color The label foreground color specified as an HTML style color.
Labels above Enable or disable displaying a summary label next to the segment (True | False).
Legend labels The chart legend labels.


A comma separated list of tooltips that are passed to the delegate


An optional delegate to be called when segments of the chart are selected. By default the 'tooltip' for the segment selected will be used as a search key in any child sections.

Notes on Client Support

Attribute Description
Graph type
Left gutter
Right gutter
Top gutter
Bottom gutter
Background color
Gradient colors
Gradient start color
Gradient end color
Title foreground color
Title background color
Label foreground color
Labels above
Legend labels