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Note: property, method and event names should be referred to in lowercase in case-sensitive scripting languages.


Chart control with support for Google Charts.


This class supports the Common Properties plus the following:

Property Access (R/RW) Value Description
ChartBackColor RW Character The color of the chart canvas as an html-like color.
ChartColors RW Character A comma separated list of html-style colors (one for each segment).
ChartData RW Character The comma separated list of chart data. For grouped data, separate the groups with a | character.
ChartDelegate RW Character An optional delegate to be called when segments of the chart are selected. By default the 'tooltip' for the segment selected will be used as a search key in any child sections.
ChartEffects RW Boolean Enable or disable special effects for displaying the chart (True | False).
ChartGradient RW Boolean Enable or disable gradient colors (True | False).
ChartGradientEnd RW Character The end gradient color.
ChartGradientStart RW Character The start gradient color.
ChartGutterBottom RW Numeric The chart bottom gutter height in pixels.
ChartGutterLeft RW Numeric The chart left gutter width in pixels.
ChartGutterRight RW Numeric The chart right gutter width in pixels.
ChartGutterTop RW Numeric The chart top gutter height in pixels.
ChartHeight RW Numeric The chart height.
ChartKeyLabels RW Character The chart legend labels.
ChartLabelForeColor RW Character The chart label foreground color.
ChartLabels RW Character The chart labels.
ChartLabelsAbove RW Boolean Enable or disable displaying a summary label next to the segment (True | False).
ChartOptions RW Character The chart options.
ChartShadow RW Boolean Enable or disable 3D shadowing (True | False).
ChartTable RW Character The table for the chart.
ChartTitle RW Character The chart title.
ChartTitleBackColor RW Character The chart title background color.
ChartTitleForeColor RW Character The chart title foreground color.
ChartTooltips RW Character A comma separated list of tooltips that are passed to the delegate.
ChartType RW Character Known chart type: "googlechart.pie" | "" | "googlechart.gauge" | "googlechart.donut" | "" | "googlechart.column" | "horizontal bar" | "vertical bar" | "line" | "pie" | "gantt" | "bipolar" | "funnel" | "radar" | "rose" | "scatter" | "radial scatter" | "thermometer" | "waterfall" | "vertical progress bar" | "horizontal progress bar".
ChartWidth RW Numeric The chart width.


This class supports the Common Methods plus the following:

Method Args Description
refresh None Refresh the chart.


This class supports the Common Events