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Data grid



[TABLE <tablename>]

[FIELDS <field list>]

[FOR <expL1>]





[STYLE <expC1>]

[TITLE <expC2>]

[CAPTION <expC2>]

[KEY <expr>]


[PROPERTIES "name=value;name2=value;etc"]

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The BROWSE user-interface tool displays the records from the currently active table or (since 7.0) the TABLE specified in a grid window.

Keyword Description
FIELDS <field list> The comma-separated <field list> enables you to: specify the order in which the specified fields display and incorporate special handling options for each field. Please see below for these options.

<field> [:R]

[:C = <expC> | <@alias>,<expC>]

[:V = <expL> [F:] [:E = <expC>]

[:H = <expC>]

[:P = <expC>]

Each field in the <field list> may be followed by special handling options. A delimiter precedes each option, either : or .

Option Description
:R Fields are read-only, so may be viewed, but not edited.
:C = <expC> | <@alias>,<expC> The Choicelist option associates a pulldown choicelist with a field. The choicelist may be either 'static': a string of comma-separated choices or 'dynamic': @alias,string or a SQL Select query.
:V = <expL> [:E = <expC>] [:F] Validates the field value based on the evaluation of <expL>. If <expL> returns true (.T.), the field value is considered valid. If <expL> returns false (.F.), the value is rejected and an error message displayed. If the :E option is specified, <expC> replaces the default error message. The validation is only enforced when the field value changes unless the :F option is used.

This option does not work on memo fields.

:H = <expC> Replaces the default field headings, field name or description, with the character expression <expC>.
:P = <expC> Sets the picture format to <expC>. For more information on picture template characters and picture formatting, see @...GET.

Keyword Description
TABLE <tablename> Opens the specified table if its not yet open. This may be databasename!tablename.
FOR <condition> Restricts the BROWSE to those records matching the <condition>.
NOACTIONBAR Hides the actionbar at the bottom of the grid.
NOAPPEND Disables the appending of new records into the table.
NODELETE Disables record deletion.
NOEDIT | NOMODIFY Disables record editing, providing read-only access to the table.
STYLE <expC1> Specify the CSS style, <expC1>, to be used.
TITLE <expC2> Specify a title, <expC2> to be displayed.
CAPTION <expC3> The selection caption to be displayed. Use this for picklists
SPLITBAR Enable split screen editing.
KEY <expr> position (seek) to the specified key in the grid.
PROPERTIES <expr> Apply the specified properties to the grid e.g PROPERTIES "showsplitedit=true;splitmemolist=notes;splitmemoeditors=html;splitimagelist=photo".


open database southwind
use example
browse fields title:c="Mr,Mrs,Ms",;
// Style keyword
open database southwind
use example
browse noactionbar ;
	style "* { selection-color:yellow; ;
		selection-background-color:black; ;
		gridline-color:green; ;
		background:black;color:yellow; ;
		} ;
	QTableView::item { background:lightgreen; } ;
	QHeaderView::section { background-color:green;color:white;border:0px; } "

Browse Splitbar

The splitbar keyword displays a split grid. The properties specify the memo/varchar and or image/blob column(s) to be displayed, here the employees memo column 'notes' and image column 'photo':


The memo editor type can also be specified: 'html' or 'text':

Browse Splitbar

See also: Split Grid Sections

Query Builder

From Lianja v6.3, the QueryBuilder is supported in BROWSE. Just click the icon in the actionbar to open the QueryBuilder.

Browse: Query Builder

Search Bar

From Lianja v6.3, a Search Bar is supported in BROWSE. This searches across all columns. Type a value, then press Return to search. Pressing the down arrow will focus onto the grid. Once you choose a record you can press Return/Enter to select it. The _result variable will contain the record number of the selected record and it will be active in the cursor that you are browsing.

This low-code functionality can be used effectively for picklists from dialog button delegates or custom query delegates.

Browse: Search Bar

The same Search Bar functionality is also available in Grid Sections and the Data Editor in the Data Workspace from v6.3.