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TreeView Sections are data-bound tree grids that allow you to drill down through levels of hierarchical nodes.

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You build Apps in Lianja App Builder visually using the Page Builder.

If you have not yet done so please read Understanding the Lianja Architecture and also Understanding ART to better understand this article.

An App consists of pages. Pages are made up of Sections. Form sections are made up of FormItems. We call these collectively "UI Elements" or "Visual Elements".

Setting Attributes Declaratively

You adjust the appearance and behavior of each UI Element in the Attributes Tab of the App Inspector.


The attributes available consist of some common ones as well as some specific to the UI Element being inspected.

Getting and Setting Attributes Programmatically

The setAttribute(name, value) method can be used to set the value of an Attribute:


Note: on the desktop, the shortened form setAttr(name,value) is also available.

The getAttribute(name) method can be used to get the value of an Attribute:

cTitle = Lianja.get("pageid.sectionid").getAttribute("title")

Note: on the desktop, the shortened form getAttr(name) is also available.

See Also

Treeview Gadget Attributes, TreeView Options

Demo Apps (included in the Lianja App Builder distribution):

  • Lianja TreeView Demo (example_treeview)



Attribute Description Name Type
Name The name for this section (unique to the page) id Character
Full name The full name for this section including its parent page, e.g. page1.section1 fullid Character
Alias name The alias name for this section aliasid Character
App Doc The App Doc file for this section. This will be included in the App Doc when it is generated. appdoc Character
MetaData version The MetaData version number. You can set this in the setupUI hook to prevent MetaData being applied multiple times. metaDataVersion Int
Meta types A comma separated list of metatype names metatypes Character
Type The type of section: treeview (readonly) type Character
Caption The section caption displayed in the section header title Character
Database The database for this section database Character
Table The table for this section table Character
Height The section height height Character
Fixed height Fix the section height (True | False) fixedHeight Boolean
Auto layout percent Auto layout percentage of page size. If set to 0, then all sections on a page are resized to an equal height. autoLayoutPercentage Int


Attribute Description Name Type
Margin Margin size around the section margin Int
Add spacer at bottom Add spacer at bottom of section (True | False) spacerVisible Boolean


Attribute Description Name Type
Hide header Hide section header at runtime(True | False) hideHeaderAtRuntime Boolean
Hide actionbar Hide actionbar buttons in the section header (True | False) hideActionBarAtRuntime Boolean
Header icon The image for the Header (png | jpg | gif).
Use app:/imagename.ext for app specific images.
headerIcon Character
Gradient colors Render the Header background color as a gradient (True | False) headerGradient Boolean
Gradient type Specify the gradient type headerGradientType Int
Gradient start color Gradient start color headerFromColor Character
Gradient end color Gradient end color headerToColor Character
Show Print button Show Print button in the section header (True | False) showPrintButton Boolean
Show Edit button Show Edit button in the section header (True | False) showEditButton Boolean
Hide custom search icon Hide the custom search icon (True | False) hideCustomSearchIcon Boolean
Show info tips icon Show the info tips icon in the section header (True | False) showInfoTipsIcon Boolean
Show help icon Show the help icon in the section header (True | False) showHelpIcon Boolean
Help topic Help topic to display when the help icon is clicked in the section header helpTopic Character

Custom Header Style

Attribute Description Name Type
Use custom header style Use a custom header style (True | False) headercustomstyle Boolean
Header background color Header background color headerbackcolor Character
Header foreground color Header foreground color headerforecolor Character
Header bottom border Display the header bottom border (True | False) headerbottomborder Boolean
Header bottom border height Height (in pixels) of the header bottom border (if displayed) headerbottomborderheight Int
Header bottom border color Header bottom border color headerbottombordercolor Character

TreeView Options

Attribute Description Name Type
Title The name of the column containing the title to be displayed for each leaf node of the tree. treeviewCaption Character
Key The key expression to be associated with the tree node. This will be passed as the second argument to the click or dblclick delegates. treeviewLink Character
Group By A comma separated list of expressions that the tree will be organized by. treeviewGroupBy Character
Filter The filter expression that restricts which records will be included in the tree. treeviewFilter Character

Related Data

Attribute Description Name Type
Parent section name Name of related parent section
Automatically relate Automatically relate the child section (True | False). If this is unchecked then you need to manually relate it in the parentdatachanged delegate. autoRelateChildSection Boolean


Attribute Description Name Type
Visible Section menu visible (True | False) sectionMenuVisible Boolean
Height Section menu height sectionMenuHeight Int
Background color Section menu background color sectionMenuBackColor Character
Foreground color Section menu foreground color sectionMenuForeColor Character
Custom menu panel The .rsp or .jssp page used to create the custom menu panel. This page should generate dynamic HTML5/JavaScript. customSectionMenuPanel Character
Custom menu Section menu contents customSectionMenu Character
Custom action Action to perform when a menu item is selected sectionMenuAction Character

Search Panel

Attribute Description Name Type
Visible Section search panel visible (True | False) searchPanelVisible Boolean
Height Section search panel height searchPanelHeight Int
Background color Section search panel background color searchPanelBackColor Character
Foreground color Section search panel foreground color searchPanelForeColor Character
Auto create Automatically create search panel for all Section search fields searchPanelAutoCreate Boolean
Custom search panel The delegate used to create the custom search panel searchPanelAction Character


Attribute Description Name Type
Visible Section subtitle visible (True | False) subtitleVisible Boolean
Caption Section subtitle caption subtitleCaption Character
Height Section subtitle height subtitleHeight Int
Background color Section subtitle background color subtitleBackColor Character
Foreground color Section subtitle foreground color subtitleForeColor Character
Font Section subtitle font subtitleFont Int
CSS style CSS style subtitleCssStyle Character


Attribute Description Name Type
Visible Section footer visible (True | False) footerVisible Boolean
Caption Section footer caption footerText Character
Height Section footer height footerHeight Int
Background color Section footer background color footerBackColor Character
Foreground color Section footer foreground color footerForeColor Character
Custom menu Section footer menu contents customOptionsMenu Character
Custom action Action to perform when a footer menu item is selected customOptionsMenuAction Character
Footer button CSS Footer button CSS style footerButtonCss Character
Footer button width Footer button width footerButtonWidth Int

Other Options

Attribute Description Name Type
Hide form NavBar Hide form Navigation Bar at runtime if this section is in an Accordion Stack (True | False) hideFormNavBar Boolean
Collapsable The section is collapsible at runtime (True | False) collapsableAtRuntime Boolean
Exclude from accordion The section is excluded from accordion behavior at runtime (True | False) excludeAccordionAtRuntime Boolean

Custom Delegates

Attribute Description Name Type
Scripting language The default scripting language for custom code in this section (Inherit | Recital | Visual FoxPro | Python | JavaScript | PHP) scriptingLanguage Character
Custom library The filename of the library containing code for event handlers and custom procedures/functions customLibrary Character
Print The delegate for the Print event. This is called when you click the 'Print' icon. From v4.2. printAction Character
Expanded The delegate for the Expanded event expandedAction Character
Collapsed The delegate for the Collapsed event collapsedAction Character
Hotkey The delegate for the Hotkey event. hotkeyAction Character
Init The delegate for the Init event initAction Character
Destroy The delegate for the Destroy event destroyAction Character
Load The delegate for the Load event loadAction Character
Ready The delegate for the Ready event readyAction Character
Unload The delegate for the Unload event unloadAction Character
Click The delegate for the Click event clickAction Character
Double Click The delegate for the Double Clicked event dblClickAction Character
Parent data changed The delegate for the ParentDataChanged event parentDataChangedAction Character
Timer The delegate for the Timer event timerAction Character
Timer interval The timer interval in seconds that the Timer event will be called at runtime timerInterval Int
State Changed The delegate for the Statechanged event. stateChangedAction Character
Custom footer menu The delegate for the footer menu event customMenuAction Character
Custom search command The delegate for the search event customSearch Character
Custom section menu The delegate for the section menu event customSectionMenuAction Character

Permissions and Roles

Attribute Description Name Type
Create roles A comma separated list of roles that can perform create operations on data in the section. permcreate Character
Read roles A comma separated list of roles that can read (and view) the section. permRead Character
Update roles A comma separated list of roles that can perform update operations on data in the section. permUpdate Character
Delete roles A comma separated list of roles that can perform delete operations on data in the section. permDelete Character

UI Presentation Rules

Attribute Description Name Type
Desktop Include this section in a Desktop client (True | False). desktopUI Boolean
Web Include this section in a Web client (True | False). webUI Boolean
Tablet Include this section in a Tablet client (True | False). tabletUI Boolean
Phone Include this section in a Phone client (True | False). mobileUI Boolean
UI States UI states that affect this section. Specify multiple states as a comma separated list. state Character
Initial UI state The initial UI state for this section. This will be applied to the section and all its fields and gadgets. uiStateInit Character
Readonly when Section is readonly at runtime if specified expression evaluates to true. readonlyWhen Character
Visible when Section is visible at runtime if specified expression evaluates to true. visibleWhen Character
Display orientation Display depending on mobile device orientation for Tablets and Phones. (Always | Portrait | Landscape) displayOrientation Character
Apply rules on change Apply UI presentation rules (Visible when and Readonly when) when data is changed interactively or when navigating records (True | False). applyRulesOnChange Boolean
Apply rules on parent change Apply section UI presentation rules (Visible when and Readonly when) when parent data is changed by navigating records (True | False) applyRulesOnParentChange Boolean