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This article explains how to Publish your Apps, configure the appearance of your Apps' Tiles and create Tiles with dynamic content.

The target audience is developers who have read through and understood the Getting Started with Lianja tutorial.

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Lianja App Center

As a user in the Lianja App Center you have one-click access to the Published Apps available to your login.

To load an App, scroll vertically through the Categories and just click on a Tile to load the App.

Lianja App Builder

As a Developer in the Lianja App Builder, the App Center Home screen also includes a series of Tiles to lead you through the steps of developing a Lianja App.

  • Create a Project
  • Create an App
  • Create a Database
  • Create a Table
  • Manage Data
  • Manage Users

Lianja App Builder Documentation

You can still access each of the different Workspaces at any time via the Modebar and the Documentation is also just a click away.

Publishing an App in the App Center

Publish App

To Publish an App in the App Center, the Published Attribute for the App must be set. With the App open in the App Builder, click on the Settings button at the bottom of the Modebar to access the App Attributes.

App Settings

New Tile

Settings is also where you control how your App's Tile will be categorized and its position and appearance.

In the screenshots, the following Attributes have been set:

Attribute Description
Category Tile will be listed in the 'Tutorials' horizontal Category.
Caption Tile title will be 'roledemo'.
Background color Tile background color will be purple.
Tile size Tile will be 2x1. Sizes can be from 1x1 up to 4x4.
Tile order Tile will be ordered automatically (0). Specifying a non-zero for Tiles within a Category will order them from lowest to highest.

As soon as you click Done and return to the Home App Center screen, you will see the changes you have made to your Published App's Tile.

Dynamic Tiles

Dynamic Tiles are Tiles whose contents are based on a script. The script can generate HTML output or just output a URL which will be rendered by an AJAX call inside the App Center. Any of the supported scripting languages can be used.

The contents of the Dynamic Tile are updated every time the Dynamic tile timer interval (in seconds) expires.

Dynamic Tile

This example (example_dynamictile1 - 'Employee Sales by Year') runs the businessoverviewmonth.rsp script to output HTML and updates every 5 seconds.

The other Demo Dynamic Tile samples included in the distribution (example_dynamictile2 - 'Product sales by month' and example_dynamictile3 - 'Product sales by region') show how to output a URL for a Google Chart.

Note that here the Dynamic contents Attribute has been checked. If this is set to True, the Dynamic Tile is used for display purposes in the App Center only and users cannot run the App. Set to False and you still have your Dynamic Tile, but it can also be clicked to give users access to the App.