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Generally speaking the Lianja scripting language and database engine is highly compatible with Visual FoxPro. The vast majority of Visual FoxPro commands and functions are available in Lianja. Additionally, Lianja includes a large amount of extensions to Visual FoxPro to provide Visual FoxPro developers with a more modern development language that incorporates features and functionality that are required in order to build Apps for the Desktop, Cloud and Mobile devices.

Lianja Databases: storage and location

The Lianja Data directory is the directory in which databases are located, each in its own sub-directory with the same name as the database.

By default, the Data directory is C:\Lianja\data\ on Windows and /opt/Lianja/data/ on Linux. The distributions include the southwind database, so in C:\Lianja\data\southwind\ on Windows and /opt/Lianja/data/southwind/ on Linux you will find the database files themselves:

  • southwind.cax

and the tables (.dbf), memo files (.dbt), data dictionary files (.dbd), index tag files (.dbx), stored procedures (sp_*.prg), table trigger scripts (*.prg) and database event scripts (dbc_opendata.prg and dbc_closedata.prg) belonging to the southwind database.

The Data directory can be changed in the App Builder Settings - click the cog button at the bottom of the ModeBar. The SET DATADIR command can also be used. Issuing LIST STATUS in the Console displays the current Data Directory along with other directory locations and status information.

The Lianja system object datadir property can be queried. Note: if a database is currently open, the path returned will include the database sub-directory (e.g. 'C:\Lianja\data\southwind\') and if no database is open, the base Data directory path is returned (e.g. 'C:\Lianja\data\').

Links to database commands and functions can be found here.

To open a free table, the full path should be specified unless the table is in the current working directory. Please note that with an App open, the current working directory is the App's directory.

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