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Lianja App Builder

Lianja App Builder makes it easy to quickly create professional-quality business Apps for Desktop, Cloud and Mobile devices on Windows, Linux and OS X using Visual FoxPro, Python, PHP, and HTML5 JavaScript.



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Annual Subscriptions include priority support tickets and version updates with no requirement to purchase new versions as and when they become available.

Product Description   Annual Subscription

Lianja App Builder for Windows, Linux and macOS.  MOST POPULAR 

One Developer license for Windows, Linux and macOS. 
Lianja App Builder. 
Lianja App Center. 
Lianja SQL Server. 
Lianja ODBC driver
Lianja Cloud Server. 
Lianja Web Client and Lianja Mobile Client frameworks.
Includes 50 SQL Server and Cloud Server connections remote and local for development and testing.
Runtime royalty free Desktop/LAN App distribution.
All major.minor release updates while your subscription is active.
Standard tickets and developer forum support only.

Each Lianja App Builder License is for ONE developer but it can be activated on up to 3 separate machines.

What happens if I do not renew my annual subscription?

You can still use the licensed versions of the Lianja products that you have and these will continue to work but you will not be able to upgrade to new major versions e.g. upgrade from v1 to v2 or v3 as these require new license keys.





Equivalent to
per month



Equivalent to US$58.25
per month

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