Lianja debugger quick-start guide

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Lianja App Builder RC9 provides a new improved debugger that can be used to debug both custom application code and Lianja Apps.

This article provides an quick-start guide on how to use the debugger.

 After opening an App in the Lianja App Builder just click the "Debug" button in the bottom of the ModeBar.


After clicking "Debug" all custom libraries containing delegates and other custom code in the App will be open in the debugger. You can then set breakpoints by clicking on a line number in an editor tab. You can watch variables by selecting them with the mouse in the editor and clicking the "WatchPoint" icon.


When the Debugger is visible you can select the "Command" tab to inspect the execution environment.


You can add additional files to the debugger by clicking the "Open file in debugger" in the HeaderBar of both the Apps and the Library workspace.


The Lianja debugger does not require you to compile in any form of "Debug mode" as it knows what source files correspond to what object files.