Using Instant Selections in Lianja

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Lianja App Builder has a lot of built-in functionality to help you build Apps with a consistent user interface and provide an easy-to-understand user experience quickly.

Instant Selections provide immediate super-fast queries against your data as they use filtered indexes to access that data that you query for in the "Instant Selection Dialog".

Instant selections are stored as part of your App. They can be modified and refined and they can be created as queries or use full text search across your data including optionally searching large text fields stored as Memo (VarChar) columns in Lianja.

While viewing data in an instant selection, you can still use "Instant Search" inside the subset of data selected. To use "Instant Search" you do not need to have an "Instant Selection" active.

Here is an example of performing an instant selection.

To create the instant selection you just click the + sign in the instant selection action bar and to edit an existing instant selection click the "cog" icon in the action bar and choose "Modify Selection".

To get the best out of Lianja we recommend you look thoroughly into this built-in functionality as it will save you a lot of time in producing your Apps quickly.