Lianja App Builder Attachment sections

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Lianja App Builder beta2 has a new "Attachments" section. This provides the ability to upload (or drag'n drop) from your desktop any documents or images and store them in the Lianja database. Attachment sections work just like normal grid sections and can be related from other sections and cascade related child sections for each row in the attachment grid. Clicking on the hyperlink displays the document or image using the associated application on your desktop e.g. pdf viewer or spreadsheet. The attachments section is fully configurable allowing you to specify a "timestamp" field in your database table, the name of the "object" field to store the document in, and a "description" field. When dragging and dropping files from your desktop you can select multiple files and drop them onto the attachment grid. The corresponding foreign key is automatically added to the new records being inserted so that the parent/child relationship of the sections is maintained. Notice also how the page being displayed uses the new "Accordion-style" page sections to better utilize space on the page.