How to activate a Lianja App Builder license in final release

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In the final release of Lianja we have integrated license management.

When you download the Lianja App Builder and install it, it will provide you with a 30 day trial license. This is also the case for Lianja SQL Server and Lianja Cloud Server.

At any time you can purchase and "Activate" your license from the system menu.

If you need to move the license to another computer you "Deactivate" it on the current computer and "Activate" it on the new one.

Watch the video here.

If for some reason you lost your computer you can email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  who will deactivate it for you so you can activate it again on another machine.

The licenses are valid for all supported operating systems; Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

For ISVs, you can request licenses from us for a specified number of concurrent users. This will allow you to sell your Apps developed in Lianja and limit your customers to how many concurrent users can run them. This will help you monetize your Apps better as license management is built into the Lianja App Center, Lianja SQL Server and Lianja Cloud Server.