New Video Tutorials for Lianja App Builder RC5.8

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Three new Video Tutorials are available for the forthcoming Lianja App Builder RC5.8 release. 

These can be viewed from the Lianja Video Tutorials page on the Lianja website.

Database Timelines
This video demonstrates Lianja Database Timelines. Database timelines provide chronological row versioning for Lianja database tables. Whenever a change is made to a table that is timeline enabled then delta changes are automatically recorded for each transaction. The timelines not only store information about the data changes made, who made them, from where and when, but also allow the changes to be rolled back.

CatalogView Sections
This video demonstrates how to build CatalogView Sections. CatalogView Sections are ideal for displaying an image of a product or contact along with descriptive text and links to further information. It shows the new features for CatalogView Sections added in RC5.8.

Example Tablet UI
This video demonstrates how to recreate the tablet-oriented App, example_tabletui included in the Lianja App Builder distribution. This showcases new RC5.8 features including the App-wide Navigation Panel, Stacked Accordions and Inline Gadgets.

and if you haven't viewed it yet, the recently added:

The App Inspector
This video demonstrates the Lianja App Inspector. The App Inspector operates in both Development and Runtime View in the App Builder and combines the functionality of the Console Workspace with an App structure tree, an event tracker and a (new in RC5.8) debugout statement trace window.